Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ’s

How do I know if I have registered and paid successfully?

You will receive a confirmation email of your registration within the next week.

I didn't receive a confirmation email. What should I do?

Don't worry! Send us an email at programs@thecrimson.com with the subject line: "Registration Check: [School Name]" and we'll be in touch to get things fixed.

I loved the conference and want to leave a review! What should I do?

We're so glad you enjoyed it. We always love hearing from our students, so please leave us your comments on the post-conference survey sent to your email! If you have specific shout-outs, let us know too!


Group/School FAQ’s

Can I pay via check?

Yes, you can. After you complete registration, please send an email to programs@thecrimson.com with the subject line: "Check Payment: [School Name]" and we will send you the invoice and appropriate details.

I need an invoice. What should I do?

Contact us at programs@thecrimson.com with the subject line: "Invoice Needed: [School Name]" and we'll send it along!

More students would like to attend. What should I do?

We'd love to have them! Please send an email to programs@thecrimson with the subject line: "Registration Change: [School Name]" and we'll work with you from there!

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